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Ginseng means Panacea.

"Expert warn that there is a wide range in quality of ginseng, and the potency of the root is directly related to the quality. Poor quality ginseng has little beneficial effect. The most consistently high quality ginseng is said to come from Korea. Buy ginseng from stores in which people know where their ginseng comes from. We find that nature has many remedies in her garden, and ginseng has been found to be one of the best."

Dr. Bernard Jensen:
Food Healing for Man



Why Compromise?

Insist on the very best for yourself and your family.

Not all ginseng is the same.
We use
only the finest matured Korean ginseng.
100% Satisfaction guaranteed.

How can I choose the best ginseng?

Many ginseng brands look temptingly similar in their packaging to genuine IL HWA Ginseng, yet there is no comparison. They contain unwanted ingredients such as sugar, various other cheaper herbs, even caffeine and alcohol. IL HWA's Ginseng roots are harvested only when they are mature. The process used to extract all of the active ingredients in a low heat process patented by the company. No wonder the Korean government gives IL HWA Ginseng it's highest four star rating. Click here to see what scientific research has discovered about IL HWA Ginseng's effectiveness in dealing with many physical ailments.

There are four primary elements determining the quality of ginseng.

1. Is it matured ginseng?
Don't be fooled by labels. Terms such as "pure", "genuine", "standardized", etc., don't mean anything unless the product has been made from the root of a mature ginseng plant, grown under proper conditions and processed correctly. All IL HWA ginseng products are made from only four to six year old ginseng roots. IL HWA has revolutionized the technology to maintain a strict quality standard and guarantee ingredient quality.

2. How about Germanium?
Every cell and organ of the body is affected when the blood contains impurities. Scientists have found that most organic detoxifiers contains the element GERMANIUM. The higher the amount of Germanium, the quicker the blood return to a healthy state. As the above chart shows, Korean Ginseng contains the highest amount of organically chelated GERMANIUM of all the organic detoxifers.

3.How about Saponin distribution?

4.Does the product have lots of satisfied users who have dramatically reversed their conditions?

Click here for our testimonials.

What is in Ginseng?

Modern research studies around the world are investigating the effects of ginseng. Ginseng is not a medicine or a drug. It is a natural food which contains more than thirty active ingredients working synergistically to produce ginseng's many health benefits. This means that its power lies not in any one ingredient but in the working combination of its many constituents. Although ginseng is rich in germanium, calcium, magnesium, iron and B vitamins, the ingredients commonly thought to be most responsible for ginseng's adaptogenic properties are called ginsenosides (saponins). They are found in mature Korean Panax ginseng to a far larger degree than in other forms of ginseng.

You can see why KOREAN PANAX GINSENG is so valuable as a cleansing agent for the blood and thereby relieving stress to the organs. For some people, ulcers will be cleared up; for others, psoriasis or sinus problems will be alleviated. This is easy to comprehend when one knows the fact that illness stems from excess toxins. KOREAN GINSENG of sufficient strength, taken over a period of time, will be very helpful in detoxifying you.

Effects of Ginseng

    Purifies the blood of toxins

    Lowers "Bad" Cholesterol (LDL)

    Increases "Good" Cholesterol (HDL)

    Lowers high blood sugar

    Prevents cellular damage from oxidation

    Improves nerve growth, nerve transmission and mental function

    Increases production of red blood cells

    Lowers high blood pressure

    Normalizes stress conditions caused by heat, cold & abnormal physical exertion

    Stimulates digestion

    Increases physical stamina

    Strengthens the immune system

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EXTRACT CONCENTRATE: Liquid extract from mature, six year old roots, using a patented low-heat process. Available in three sizes: 50g (100 cups), 100g (200 cups) & 300g (600 cups) sizes. The suggested daily amount of 3 cups of tea made from extract gives you about 1,500 mg of ginseng at a cost of about $1!

1The best ginseng on this planet.

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6 year old matured Korean ginseng

Watch why IL HWA Ginseng is the best available (video).

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