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Garden of Life Oceans 3

Oceans 3 - An Innovation That Goes Beyond Omega-3

Beyond Omega-3™Better BrainHealthy Hormones™DHA Chewables™Beyond Omega-3™ Cod Liver Oil (8 oz and 16 oz)

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Only Oceans 3™ Omega-3 formulas from Garden of Life® deliver amplified benefits by containing OmegaXanthin™, a synergistic blend of three health-promoting compounds from the sea. Including only the purest omega-3 fish oil along with fucoxanthin and astaxanthin, OmegaXanthin is what separates Oceans 3 formulas from the rest of the “school”.  

Oceans 3 offers “targeted” formulations that not only contain the dynamic compound OmegaXanthin, but also offer the enhanced benefits of specialized nutrients to meet your nutritional needs.