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Springs of Life®

4 oz
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A combination of biologically active enzymes, minerals and trace elements that naturally energizes and positively transforms the quality of water
An energizing, life-supporting liquid concentrate that rapidly penetrates cell walls and disperses nutrients directly into the cell's interior
Enhances cellular hydration and energizes cells
Improves physical performance and promotes mental clarity
Springs of Life® is a liquid concentrate you add to water to enhance its quality and its ability to transport nutrients to your cells. The naturally occurring compounds in Springs of Life water enhancer sound a wake-up call throughout the entire body to restore youthful energy and vitality.
Springs of Life accelerates healing, assists in the removal of toxins and acidic waste and strengthens the immune system. When consumed on an empty stomach, it provides fast-acting absorption while preserving and activating the delicate, biological components of any supplement you take with it.

Rejuvenate your body and sense of well-being by simply transforming the quality of your water with Springs of Life water enhancer.