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Seasonal Relief™

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A combination of immune-building compounds to boost immune functions
Possesses expectorant and anti-inflammatory capabilities
Assists in eliminating excess mucous
Contains clinically proven herbs, roots and bark
Our Seasonal Relief™ supplement delivers some of the most potent immune-charging ingredients nature has to offer. At the first sign of achiness or discomfort, Seasonal Relief provides the extra support your immune system needs to fight back. With powerful expectorant and anti-inflammatory ingredients, Seasonal Relief caplets also help rid the body of excess mucous to ease congestion.

Our Seasonal Relief supplement is formulated with carefully selected time-honored herbs, roots and bark shown to help your body restore energy levels and attain good health. Additionally, the ingredients in Seasonal Relief caplets are predigested using our proprietary Poten-Zyme™ process to enhance nutrient bio-availability and absorption—a step even more important when your immune system is stressed.

The next time you get that achy feeling, support your body's immune defenses with Seasonal Relief, a powerful ally for good health.