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Living Multi™ Optimal Women's Formula

With Homeostatic Nutrient Complex
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Specifically designed for women looking for an effective and complete multi-nutrient formula
Contains a specific formulation of adaptogenic herbs, vitamins and minerals that meet the unique nutritional needs of women
Designed to balance the hormone system, stimulate the immune system and enhance energy levels
Contains over 70 whole foods including 23 fruits, 20 vegetables, 11 tonic mushrooms, nine ocean plants and 10 botanicals

Contains Homeostatic Nutrient™ complexes which contain all necessary co-factors for proper absorption and utilization: enzymes, probiotics and organic acids

Living Multi™ Optimal Women's Formula is designed especially for women and their nutritional needs. Its powerful blend of more than 70 whole foods containing vitamins, minerals and herbs has been shown effective in balancing the hormone system, stimulating the immune system and enhancing energy.
Living Multi Optimal Women's Formula is created using our proprietary Poten-Zyme™ process that unlocks the nutritional effectiveness of whole foods using Homeostatic Nutrient complexes. HN complexes contain all the enzymes, amino acids, probiotics, prebiotics and organic acids necessary to deliver nutrients in their body ready forms.

Give your body the special nutrition it deserves with Living Multi Optimal Women's Formula.