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Living Vitamin C™

Full Spectrum Vitamin C Formula With Homeostatic Nutrient Complexes
90 caps
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Formulated to deliver all the benefits of vitamin C as found in nature
Provides 500 mg of vitamin C per serving from a certified organic, whole food citrus blend of orange, grapefruit, lemon and lime that includes the fruit, pulp, peel and seeds—the richest sources of nutrients—as well as acerola cherry, camu camu and Indian gooseberry
Rich source of antioxidants and trace minerals
Contains the natural co-factors required for optimal nutrient absorption
When delivered as a supplement with only one form of the nutrient, vitamin C can fail to provide the maximum level of nutrition. That's why our Living Vitamin C supplement is formulated with a comprehensive blend of potent, whole food concentrates—to give you the many forms and benefits of vitamin C as it's found in nature.

As an added advantage, our Living Vitamin C supplement is formulated with our proprietary Poten-Zyme™ process. This process yields Homeostatic Nutrient™ complexes that contain probiotics, antioxidants and enzymes—the co-factors needed to turn ordinary vitamins and minerals into living whole foods that can be effectively absorbed and used by our bodies.

Give your body the full spectrum benefits of vitamin C as nature intended with Living Vitamin C.