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Living B Complex

Vitamin B Formula with Homeostatic Nutrient Complexes
150 caps
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Complete vitamin B supplement formulated to deliver balanced levels of all B vitamins
Contains whole food nutrients shown to increase energy, lower stress, boost the immune system and maintain an optimal homocysteine level
Contains Homeostatic Nutrient complexes to deliver nutrients in their body ready forms
Living B Complex is a complete nutrient formula that provides the body with balanced levels of all B vitamins. Utilizing a whole food matrix of greens, tonic mushrooms and botanicals, it helps enhance energy, reduce stress, stimulate the immune system and keep the body's homocysteine level in check.

Living B Complex is created using our proprietary Poten-Zyme process to unlock the nutritional effectiveness of whole foods with Homeostatic Nutrient complexes. Homeostatic Nutrient complexes contain all the enzymes, amino acids, probiotics, prebiotics and organic acids necessary to deliver nutrients in their body ready forms.

Replenish your body's stores of B complex vitamins with the whole food formula found in Living B Complex.