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Goatein™ IG

Predigested Goat's Milk Protein & Colostrum
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High quality protein powder from goat's milk
Only product available containing goat's milk colostrum
Promotes restoration of optimal immune function
Contains immunoglobulins, peptides and growth factors
Goatein™ IG is a high quality protein powder from goat's milk and the only protein supplement on the market made with goat's milk colostrum. Because protein is vital to immune system function, digestion, cell growth and tissue repair, Goatein IG protein is an important part of any healthy diet.

Protein is made up of amino acids, eight of which are considered "essential" because they cannot be manufactured by the body. Goatein IG protein provides all eight in just the right proportions to give your body the complete protein it needs for good health and vitality. The powerful combination of immunoglobulins, peptides and growth factors in Goatein IG protein encourages fat burning, lean muscle growth and cellular rejuvenation.

Goatein IG protein is produced from goat's milk that contains no chemicals, antibiotics or female growth hormones. It can be tolerated by many people who cannot digest cow's milk. Additionally, Goatein IG protein is partially predigested using our proprietary Poten-Zyme™ process, which enhances the absorption and bio-availability of nutrients.

Of all the nutrients your body needs, protein is among the most important. Give yourself quality protein with Goatein IG.