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Fruits of Life™

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The first and only product to contain the top four antioxidant foods on the planet* in one whole food powder blend
Fights harmful free radicals
Helps the body maintain its optimal pH range
Contains super antioxidants such as ellagic acid (raspberries), proanthocyanidins (raisins), glutathione (goat's milk) and polyphenols (strawberries)
Rich in antioxidant and immune-enhancing ingredients, Fruits of Life whole food powder blend fights off destructive free radicals. The alkalinizing minerals in Fruits of Life supplement, derived from hormone-free goat's milk, help the body maintain a proper pH balance by clearing the cells of acidic waste. The first and only product to combine the top four antioxidant foods in a single whole food powder blend, Fruits of Life is both powerful and great-tasting.

Fruits of Life whole food powder blend gives you the quality and concentration of nutrients our ancestors ate regularly—foods that are difficult, if not impossible, to get with today's on-the-go lifestyle. More than 21 organic nutrients including dried concentrates of blueberry, raspberry, strawberry, blackberry, prunes and raisins are packed in one great tasting powder blend. Formulated with our proprietary Poten-Zyme™ process, the Fruits of Life supplement ensures increased bio-availability and nutrient absorption.

Add our Fruits of Life whole food powder blend to your regimen starting today. There's no more convenient way to get the nutrients you need for a long, healthy life.

*Based on the Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity (ORC) test performed at Tufts University.