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Clear Energy®

90 Caps
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Blend of 12 "super tonic" herbs and an array of protective phytochemicals
Formulated to provide sustained, balanced energy and invigorate the whole mind and body
May be used safely by men and women to enhance mental, physical and sexual performance
Contains no stimulants or addictive compounds such as ephedra, caffeine, guarana or ma huang
Clear Energy® is an invigorating blend of adaptogenic "super tonic" herbs and phytochemicals used for thousands of years to renew and enliven the body and mind. Formulated by a team of master herbalists, Clear Energy supplement provides sustained, balanced energy that promotes mental clarity, improves athletic performance and enhances libido for both men and women. By strengthening many areas of the body, Clear Energy also helps increase resistance to everyday stressors that can lead to premature aging and health issues.

Clear Energy is free of chemicals and stimulants of any kind. It is formulated using our proprietary Poten-Zyme™ process for maximum bio-availability and absorption. Discover your more energetic, clearer-thinking self by taking the stimulant-free power of Clear Energy.