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1. Would you please go over some of the reasons for constipation?
2. I am told that distilled water leaches minerals from the body. Is it really true?
3. I was raised with the belief that I need to eat lots of meat for the protein but you don't eat any red meat at all. Where do you get your protein from?
4. My Doctor suggested a modified radical mastectomy for my breast cancer. Since the lymphatic system is connected to breast cancer, how can your program help cleanse my lymphatics?
5. One of our favorite meals is chicken and rice; surely this is good food combining?
6. What do you recommend as a moisturizer for the winter?
7. Are you really serious when you say that I shouldn't have milk for breakfast?
8. I suffer a lot because I can't control gas from my bowels. It's quite a social problem for me.
9. I heard that taking too much fiber is harmful because it takes nutrition out of the body.
10. I love carrot juice but recently my skin turned yellow. A friend told me to stop drinking carrot juice since I was becoming jaundiced. What should I do?
11. I am suffering from bone spurs. Do you have any suggestions?
12. What effect does distilled water have on cancer?
13. Why is distilled water used to prepare the ginseng tea?
14. I have patches of red, itchy skin pop up on different parts of my body at different times. What does this mean?
15. I have been food combining for one month and I still suffer from gas. How long will this last?
16. I am worried about not getting enough protein and B-vitamins if I eliminate red meat as you suggest.
17. What is your understanding of candida?
18. I like what you say about your cleansing program but I have very regular bowel movements. I am quite sure there is nothing wrong with my colon. What's in it for me?
19. Can I eat pasta and cheese?
20. What would help boost the immune system, in your program?
21. I have had problems with heartburn for about the last year. I tried a variety of antacids with good results. But they seem to be working less and less. What would you suggest?
22. I am pretty skeptical that one single program can be good for so many different problems. Could you please explain that point?
23. On your program I am supposed to take vitamins and minerals with the food. Why should I take ginseng differently?
24. I am already 23 years old, but I still have so much problem with acne. My friends have tried to help me by telling me about different creams and medication, but nothing helps me. What can I do?
25. Is speedy elimination of toxins harmful?
26. Why can't protein and starches be combined such as in a turkey sandwich?
27. Could distilled water even have an effect on cancer?
28. Is it all right to prepare food in a microwave?
29. When our digestive tract dysfunctions, are there other indications besides constipation?
30. Why can't I take any ginseng. Isn't ginseng all the same?
31. My Children have ongoing respiratory problems. Is your program at all advisable for them?
32. Would your program get rid of parasites?
33. Dear Mrs. Hsu: Recently I heard about a coral calcium supplement that also advertises its alkalizing effect on the body. I know you've talked about this a lot. What's your opinion on this supplement?
34. Is it ok to use dairy products?
35. Why does your breakfast menu call for only one kind of fruit each day?
36. After a week on your program I have diarrhea. Why?
37. My physician put me on a new drug because he says I have parasites. What can you suggest I do?
38. It was suggested to me to start estrogen therapy to avoid bone loss. Do you approve of it?
39. How can I lose the weight that I gained over the holidays?
40. Why shouldn't we mix starches, such as potatoes, rice and breads, with our protein meal?
41. I am really embarrassed by my bad breath. I brush and gargle every day and still it is there. What do you suggest?
42. Do you have any suggestions for dealing with facial wrinkles.
43. Do you ever eat meat?
44. Why the need for vitamin and mineral supplements? Don't they merely give me expensive urine?
45. Why is refined sugar bad?
46. I am always worried about getting sick in the winter. What supplement do you recommend for the immune system?
I am severely anemic. What would you suggest?

1. Why should we not use milk and dairy foods made from milk like cheese, yogurt and ice cream?
2. How long will it take to thoroughly cleanse and restore the 22 feet of small intestine as well as the five feet of colon?
3. What are the herbs used in DC-1 and why?
4. How does psyllium seed husk in DC-2 help to remove waste from the bowel?
5. How is the cleansing of the small intestine by DC-3 accomplished?
6. What is the purpose of Kelp?
7. What is the purpose of using aloe vera on the cleansing program?
8. What are some advantages to using concentrated, whole leaf, cold pressed aloe vera juice?
9. What is Maxidophilus and it's purpose on the program?
10. What is Maxibifidus and it's purpose on the program?
11. Why does the liver need to be cleansed?
12. What is the purpose of olive oil cream on the program?
13. Why is distilled water used to prepare the ginseng tea?
14. What are the benefits of using IL HWA Korean ginseng?
15. Why is IL HWA Ginseng expensive?
16. Why is IL HWA Korean Panax ginseng superior to other brands of Korean Panax ginseng?
17. What is the purpose of Sun Chlorella?
18. Why are digestive enzymes needed?
19. What is the purpose of vitamin E?
20. Why is it necessary to take a Multi vitamin/mineral formula?
21. What is the purpose of the C-B-R?
22. What is the purpose of dry skin brushing?
23. Why is only fresh fruit eaten for breakfast?
24. What is eaten for lunch?
25. If DC-1 acts as the natural laxative, why do I need DC-2?
26. What is eaten for dinner?
27. Can red meat be eaten?
28. Is frying really that bad?
29. When do I take DC-3 and why?
30. I've had great results with DC-1. I no longer have constipation and I'm just happy with results. Can I just keep using it without bothering with all those levels?
31. I started your program about a week ago and I am allergic to DC-1. What should I do?
32. Why are you so sure that your program is speical?
33. Your Internal Cleansing Program is a three months program. What do I do after that time?
34. Do I have to worry about Intestinal Wall Discoloration?
1. What is Halitosis?
2. How can the problem of halitosis be quickly eliminated?
3. What is the cause of foot and underarm odor?
4. What causes hair loss and can anything be done?
5. Why do people, who smoke for any length of time, have so many wrinkles on their faces?
6. Is it possible to improve one's vision, even though one has worn glasses for years?
7. How can a breast tumor be reversed?
8. How can eczema and psoriasis be corrected?
9. Is exercise really that important?
10. What is prostate cancer?
11. How long does it take for the blood to circulate one cycle through the human body?
12. Can one's tool become clean enough not to smell putrid?
13. Can body odor go away?
14. What does it indicate when the area under the eyes in bluish and puffy?
15. How can blood pressure be reversed?
16. How can diabetes be reversed?
17. How can hypoglycemia be reversed?
18. How can kidney stones be reversed?
19. How can gall stones be reversed?
20. Why we need liver Cleansing?
21. What is the reversal process when the body goes through a rejuvenation?
22. How long does it take the body to cleanse itself of all poisons and waste?
23. Can people who suffer from insomnia obtain relief?
24. How is uric acid formed and can it be removed from the body?
25. Can a diabetic or hyperglycemic person eat fruits for breakfast?
26. How do fungi, parasites, worms and viruses congregate in the human body?
27. What causes people to be overweight?
28. Can the cause of backaches be the same for everyone?
29. Can the cause of headaches be the same for everyone?


What is lupus?
31. Why do people come down with a cold or the flu?
32. What is candida and what causes it?
33. Should urine have strong color and odor?
34. What does uric acid produce in the body?
35. Does a symptom in one part of the body mean that the related illness is limited to only that part of the body? ex: Does pain the hands mean that there is an illness only in the hands?
36. What causes bone spurs and how can this condition be reversed?
37. What is narcolepsy and can it be reversed?
38. When a person shows what seems to be an allergic condition to program items, is the individual truly allergic, cleansing or reversing?
39. What is lymphoma?
40. What contributes to an eroding gum line?
41. Why is ginseng recommended as a blood purifier before all other herbs known for their blood purifying properties?
42. What is the definition of processed food?
43. How important is calorie counting?
44. What does a sallow complexion indicate and how can it be reversed?
45. What does unusual redness in complexion indicate and how can it be reversed?
46. What are the symptoms of a pH imbalance?
47. What are the tongue is coated, what is the quickest away to restore it to its natural health?
48. What percentage of the following 3 categories would be needed to sustain a healthly body?
49. What does it indicate when the white of the eyes and the iris and dark in color.
50. What does it indicate when the area under the eyes in bluish and puffy?

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